The most renowned newspaper and specialized press of the dental industry regularly put the spotlight on ITENA Clinical products especially when tested by a consumer panel.

The product is very simple to use, near-universal application. Its simplicity of use makes it a highly worthwhile product for practitioners with no assistant, especially for cementing prostheses with more than one element. The material’s fluidity and curing time are really most useful.

Ergonomics *****

Immediate effectiveness *****

Cleanliness *****

I’ve used this composite since it first came on the market. It covers all applications for antero-posterior composites, and I’ve foundit to be a good material for milk teeth or permanent teeth. It is ideal for layering. Its great advantage is the accuracy with which its shades match the Vita standards, and the fact that it can be used in large syringes or compules.

There is no need, accordingly, to remove it between two tries, though adhesion lessens with more layers, making it easierto come unstuck.Lastly, the icing on the cake: unlike other products, the temporary elements give off no unpleasant odours even after many days in the mouth. Dentotemp, then, has all the virtues which put it among this year’s top products




I use it on a daily basis for cementing prosthetic elements onto implant abutments: its fine texture and fluidity mean crowns can be positioned perfectly. The material is tough enough to allay any fears of our prosthetic elements coming prematurely unstuck,while still allowing them to be dismounted voluntarily if need be. So really it’s the dentist’s perfect helper.