Clinical videos

ITENA Clinical Laboratory offers many educational videos. The illustrated clinical cases have been chosen for their technical complexity.

Corono-radicular restoration case using the ITENA Clinical products and procedure.


We will see the efficiency of the impression with previously the application of the hemostatic paste for gingival retraction Traxodent. It is used in addition of tissue retraction which allow to improve the push in the sulcus in an atraumatique way


We will realized a temporary element thanks to the self-curing resin Dentocrown. This material presents a big compressive strength for a highly aesthetic finish.  


A complete video with all the steps for a successfull corono-radicular restoration with Itena Clinical products. 




Bite registration material 
High precision 
Hydrophilic properties.


The dentist is using the permanent resin cement from the french laboratory ITENA Clinical. Totalcem is self-etching and self-adhesive.


For the reconstruction of the crown we apply several successive layers of Reflectys in light-curing between every stage. Its low shrinkage rate allows to obtain clear limits of restorations. Rich in micro and nano  particles, the material is particularly resistant to the abrasion thanks to its glass fillers.