Filling Materials


Nanotechnology has revolutionized the world of composites by allowing them to gain strength but also aesthetics. It is therefore natural that ITENA Clinical developed the nano-hybrid composite Reflectys, ensuring practitioners a final result close to the natural tooth. All the composites are certified Bis-GMA free.


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Anterior and posterior universal light-cured composite material

  • True reflection of natural teeth, true mimesis, exceptional aesthetic properties Invisible restoration, perfect integration of the composite.
  • Joints cannot be seen
  • Exceptional aesthetic quality after polishing

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Reflectys Flow

Flowable universal composite material

  • Ideal for areas with difficult access
  • Excellent thixotropy: flows perfectly under pressure, but stays in the cavity
  • High aesthetic result: easy to polish, durable shining, long lasting shade


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Perfect Polish

One Step Diamond Polishers

  • Excellent quality of polishing and shine in just one step
  • Can be sterilized in an autoclave with no alteration
  • Compatible with all decontamination product
  • Polishers made of silicone reinforced with diamond powder

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