Who are we?

15 years of technological innovation,

15 years of expertise and clinical experience,

15 years of clinical success,

15 years of a growing international presence.

Which means, 15 years at the exclusive service of dentists,

The French laboratory ITENA Clinical is more than 15 years of expericence. Fifteen years of listening and anticipating the needs of dentists with one single purpose: to bring them satisfaction and performance in everyday life. The company has gained strong clinical experience thanks to its Research & Development department which has grown over the years, including the creation of a Scientific Council in charge of defining research directions.

Research & Development department relies on partnerships with major universities (Buffalo & Minneapolis) and specialized competence center (American Academy Facial Esthetics). As a result, our industry is now at the cutting edge of quality requirements.

These efforts focused on innovation and quality have been effective, ITENA Clinical is now known as a leader in the dental products market. No. 1 company in post system sales in France since its early days, ITENA Clinical has increased its activity by becoming more diversified. 2014 was the year of innovation as the company launched two new products. First, Clinical ITENA created the only device that provides the solution and strongly activates the liquid for a perfect disinfection.

Now working with more than two hundred distributors worldwide, ITENA Clinical is proud to represent France and the excellence of its products outside our borders.