Dental Advisor

Since 1984, the American Institute of Dental Advisor provides professionals with concise and objective studies on the performance of dental material and equipment.

DentoTemp, your one and only asset for permanent cementation of implant-retain crowns was just evaluated by the Dental Advisor American institute.

This long term temporary cement which can last until 8 months just got the mark of 4 and half star. The product was tested on the following criteria’s: film thickness, bonding strength, and long lasting restoration.  The experts rewarded the products for its easy removal which takes off all of the cement.

Nothing is left to remove on the natural tooth and the prepared teeth stay perfectly clean. The DentoTemp is also parculiarly efficient in case of temporary cementation of small-retention area and long-term trial. 


The clinical performance of the Prevent seal already approved by the “UFR d’Odontologie” of Marseille, have been once again confirmed by the experts of the Dental Advisor American institute.

Tested for several months, the self-etching sealant for pit and fissure just got the excellent mark of 4 and a half stars.

The clinical evaluation performed by dental consultants was based on criteria’s such as the depth of penetration or fluidity. The product seduces them thanks to its ease of use and perfect spreading into pits and fissures.

Iperbond Ultra is the universal bonding agent of the French laboratory ITENA CLINICAL. Introduced in August 2010, the product can be used in self-etching or total-etch mode, both of them tested and approved by Bio-Material Laboratory of Paris V University – Montrouge.

Iperbond Ultra is indicated for adhesive bond of composites to enamel and dentin, ceramics and metal, as well as for dentin sealing.

Most recently the Iperbond Ultra Universal adhesive was evaluated by 22 consultants of the Dental Advisor and received a 91% clinical rating, thereby giving it a great score of 4 ½ stars. However, the product also received the Editor’s Choice Award signifying the most unique and significant product in the issue. The Dental Advisor is an independent American organization which provides dental professionals with objective clinical evaluations.

The product was tested in 516 uses on a variety of factors: surface wettability, film thickness, time required for bonding procedure & versatility.

The absence of post-operative sensitivity was particularly appreciated by the consultants as well as the option of adding an activator for use with dual- or self-curing composites; but, more importantly, having one adhesive that can bond to all substrates was a key feature for the clinical evaluation.

Reflectys is one of the bestselling products of the French laboratory, ITENA CLINICAL. This anterior and posterior nanohybrid light-cured composite is recommended for all classes & cavities.

Confident of the products performance, ITENA had a clinical evaluation performed by the independent American organization, Dental Advisor; which provides objective clinical reports.

Reflectys was tested by 24 consultants on a variety of factors: aesthetics, non-stickiness to instruments, finishing & packaging.

Reflectys received a 91% clinical rating after 740 uses; thereby giving it a great score of 4 ½ stars. Its polishing properties and its universal use were particularly appreciated. The composite is available in 16 shades that can be mixed including two opaque shades, enamel and incisal shades, and a pedo shade. Sold in syringe or capsules, Reflectys is also available in a flowable version - ideal for areas with difficult access thanks to an excellent thixotropy.