Conical-shaped matrixes compatible with restorative composite

For all cases of core build-up

  • Use with composite, glass ionomer cements, pattern acrylic
  • Fit the natural anatomy of the tooth
  • Available in several sizes
  • Light-curable
  • Conical, for a better result


More on the product

Product ReferencePackagingDiameter
MCA10-1010 matrix cones refill10 mm
MCA10-1210 matrix cones refill12 mm
MCA10-410 matrix cones refill4 mm
MCA10-610 matrix cones refill6 mm
MCA10-710 matrix cones refill7 mm
MCA10-810 matrix cones refill8 mm
MCAC3636 molds box with 6 different diameters -
MATRIXES - Protocol

For easy removal of the matrix once the core has been cured, make a hole in the top of the matrix with a dental scaler. Pass the scaler through the hole underneath the surface of the matrix. This action will release the air-seal between the matrix and the restoration and will ensure the matrix comes off easily.