Crowns with anatomical shape

For all the realisations of temporary prosthesis without shaping

  • Flexible: easy to use
  • High gingival adaptation: Protects periodontium
  • Anatomical shape
  • Immediate bite setting
  • Can be used with composites, resins and cements

More on the product

Product ReferencePackagingTooth shapeWidthSide
KMOU3232 molds box - - -
RM-CL855 molds refillCanine8.5 mmLeft
RM-CL955 molds refillCanine9.5 mmLeft
RM-CR855 molds refillCanine8.5 mmRight
RM-CR955 molds refillCanine9.5 mmRight
RM-ICL1055 molds refillUpper cental incisor10.5 mmLeft
RM-ICL755 molds refillUpper cental incisor7.5 mmLeft
RM-ICL855 molds refillUpper cental incisor8.5 mmLeft
RM-ICL955 molds refillUpper cental incisor9.5 mmLeft
RM-ICR1055 molds refillUpper cental incisor10.5 mmRight
RM-ICR755 molds refillUpper cental incisor7.5 mmRight
RM-ICR855 molds refillUpper cental incisor8.5 mmRight
RM-ICR955 molds refillUpper cental incisor9.5 mmRight
RM-ILL1305 molds refillLower lateral incisor13 mmLeft
RM-ILL605 molds refillUpper lateral incisor6 mmLeft
RM-ILR1305 molds refillLower lateral incisor13 mmRight
RM-ILR605 molds refillUpper lateral incisor6 mmRight
RM-ML855 molds refillMolar9 mmLeft
RM-ML955 molds refillMolar10 mmLeft
RM-MR855 molds refillMolar9 mmRight
RM-MR955 molds refillMolar10 mmRight
RM-PL755 molds refillPremolar7.5 mmLeft
RM-PR755 molds refillPremolar7.5 mmRight