The use of dental impression material is a daily act of practitioners ‘life. The products must be adapted to the specificities of each clinical situation. Hydrospeed HD, our silicone range and Chromaspeed our range of alginates have been developed after years of research to ensure high precision and hydrophilicity to dentists.



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  • Special translucent intra-oral tips for bite registration

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Hydrospeed HD

High precision silicone

  • High precision addition-type silicone impression materials for all impression techniques
  • Overcome the mechanical constraints
  • Good elastic properties for a high tearing strength

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High precision chromatic alginate

  • High dimensional stability
  • Only 30“ in mouth
  • High precision

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  • New design gun
  • New tips 30% shorter for less product waste
  • Specific tip for bite registration

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Hemostatic paste for gingival retraction

  • Exceptional retraction, the chimio-mechanical expansion of Traxodent allows tissue displacement
  • Optimised hemostasis, using Traxodent stops any bleeding, through compression
  • Removal without trauma, gently presses on the sulcus

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