IRRIGATYS, our patented system combines both irrigation and agitation of the solution in a single device to simplify the procedure of root canal treatment for dentists. To continue the care, use MTA Biorep, our repartive cement, or Obturys for a perfect root canal sealing.


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Root canal sealer

  • An epoxy-amine base
  • Perfect sealing for succesful clinical cases
  • Available in automix or in manual syringue

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Bioceramic reparative cement:

  • Peri-radicular tissue remineralization
  • Alkalin pH : bacteriostatic properties
  • Formation of a dentin barrier
  • Low solubility and controlled expansion
  • High plasticity bioactive material

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Root canal cleaning system


  • The only system that can provide the solution and strongly activate the liquid for a perfect cleaning
  • 1 tank dedicated for each solution: Sodium Hypochlorite, EDTA and water rising
  • Wireless handpiece for both dentist and patient comfort

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