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1.1. The www.itena-clinical.com website:

The company owns and operates the website at www.itena-clinical.com.

The www.itena-clinical.com website is available in French, English or Russian

It includes the following information: 

  • The statutory identification details of ITENA CLINICAL,
  • The essential features of the services offered.

1.2. Browsing and use of the www.itena-clinical.com website

You undertake to observe all provisions of French law currently in force.

You should be aware that all current laws and regulations apply online as well.

Accordingly, when you browse or use the services offered on the www.itena-clinical.com website: you undertake to observe all these laws and regulations, including the rules on copyright, industrial designs and other intellectual property in – among other things – multimedia, video and audio works, software, writings, articles, photos, registered trademarks, databases, images, and all kinds of text and articles.

Photos featured on this website have been duly licensed from photographic agencies or bought by ITENA CLINICAL.

ITENA CLINICAL owns all the industrial and intellectual property rights in the content of the www.itena-clinical.com website. You are reminded accordingly that none of the credits concerning such rights may be removed, and that any unauthorised partial or total reproduction would constitute counterfeiting and may give rise to criminal and/or civil proceedings.

Any attempt to penetrate an automated data processing system or to corrupt any or all of its constituent elements is an offence punishable in law. You should be aware that such acts may give rise to criminal penalties. ITENA CLINICAL makes every effort to protect the security of the personal details and general data on the www.itena-clinical.com website. Any intrusion or any corruption of all or part of the portal’s functioning will give rise to criminal prosecution of those responsible.

1.3. User

Whatever you use to access or make use of the www.itena-clinical.com website, we undertake to do all we can to meet your needs, so as to build a lasting relation of trust. Our support staff, for instance, are here entirely to help you and respond to all your comments. 

The www.itena-clinical.com website can be accessed free of charge 

1.4 Access free of charge

The www.itena-clinical.com website offers practical details, general information, and community information. All such information may at any time be changed, modified or removed at the discretion of ITENA’s editorial committee. 

ITENA CLINICAL reserves the right to remove any content whatsoever immediately and without prior notice. This applies, among other things, to any articles, news, messages, photos or videos which breach any legal or regulatory provision currently in force under French, European or other laws or regulations.

ITENA CLINICAL reserves the right to remove any content whatsoever immediately and without prior notice. This applies, among other things, to any articles, news, messages, photos, videos or audio material, etc.

ITENA CLINICAL accepts no responsibility for the information. ITENA CLINICAL cannot warrant the validity, accuracy, completeness or relevance of the information contained in the www.itena-clinical.com website.

The information and services offered on the ITENA CLINICAL website does not constitute a medical consultation, direct or indirect.

Under no circumstances are the information and/or services offered intended to replace a diagnosis by your general medical practitioner.

The information presented on the www.itena-clinical.com website may not be used for the purposes of self-diagnosis or the diagnosis of a friend or relation. Diagnosis, prescription of a treatment, and recommendations to use or stop using a treatment are all acts that belong to medical practice, subject to the responsibility of the competent medical authorities alone. You should consult your doctor in every case. 

You acknowledge that the information made available to you is neither complete nor exhaustive, and that this information does not address the whole range of symptoms, medications and treatments appropriate to the various pathologies.

Survey/poll results, statistics, and your replies to the questionnaires obtained through the various tests/games/questionnaires/ expert consultations offered on the www.itena-clinical.com website are only provided as an indication, and make no suppositions as to the quality of your state of health now and/or in the future nor, on the other hand, should they be regarded as querying your state of health; they may not be used for diagnostic purposes or to support a self-diagnosis or the diagnosis of a friend or relation.

You acknowledge accordingly that ITENA CLINICAL cannot be held liable in respect of the information and/or services offered on the website; and you accept that you make use of this information and/or services freely, at your own discretion, and on your sole responsibility.

1.5 Disclaimers, Terms & Conditions of Use 

1.5.1. Disclaimer: situations beyond Itena’s control.

1.52. Rights to use intellectual property: limitations:

ITENA is the sole owner of all copyright in the www.itena-clinical.com website and its related software and data processing

Any person using the www.itena-clinical.com website to store, distribute or publish any photo, image, text or video in breach of the provisions of French or European laws or regulations and/or displaying racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic or paedophile tendencies may immediately and without warning be barred from accessing the www.itena-clinical.com website, and ITENA CLINICAL reserves the right to sue for damages in respect of its business and reputation.

At all events, you undertake to respect the software writer’s continuing property rights in his/her/its work.

1.5.3. Digital Privacy Act; files and freedoms

In line with the French Digital Privacy Act (“Informatique et libertés”, Law N° 78-17 of 6 January 1978), you are entitled to access and correct personal data concerning you; this right can be exercised by writing to ITENA CLINICAL, 83 avenue Foch, 75116 Paris - FRANCE 

Depending on the choices you make when setting up or viewing your account, you may be liable to receive news and information about our company. If you no longer want to get such information, you can stop it by asking us at any time via your customer area or by writing to us at this address:

ITENA CLINICAL, 83 avenue Foch, 75116 Paris - FRANCE 

We give you notice that this computerized handling of information, including the management of users’ e-mail addresses, has been declared to the French Data Registrar, CNIL.

1.6 Tips & hints 

Watch out for data loss! 

Remember – it’s best to back up all your personal data. 

We will not be liable for any lost data or files, nor for any damage resulting from your failure to back up data. 

Data entered at this website is covered by the French Digital Privacy Act (Law N° 78-17 of 6 January 1978) 

ITENA CLINICAL will not however be liable for any loss of data, information, photos, texts, or videos: it is up to you to back up your data. Under no circumstances will ITENA CLINICAL entertain claims for reimbursement or damages arising from the loss of data uploaded to this website.

1.7 Warning: links to other sites!

The website may contain hypertext links that take you to other sites.

We shall not be liable for any breach of current legal or regulatory provisions by these sites.

In the event of any problem, please contact those responsible for the website in question. 


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UN COIN DE PARADIS undertakes to maintain access to the website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If absolutely necessary UN COIN DE PARADIS reserves the right to interrupt hosting for technical purposes, to improve its functioning or carry out any maintenance operation.

2.1 - Availability and maintenance

ITENA CLINICAL makes the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. available to the CLIENT, with no undertaking as to the time taken to respond to messages.

2.2 Security:

All breaches of system or network security, such as, but not limited to,

-          Unauthorised access,

-          Probing or scanning the security or authentication arrangements of the data or traffic systems;

-          interference with service to any user, server centre or network, including any kind of:

o    mail bombing,

o    flooding,

o   deliberate attempts to overload a system,

o   flooding

o   forging any TCP/IP packet header or any part of the header information for any e-mail or newsgroup posting,

are forbidden and may lead to criminal prosecution and/or civil proceedings against the person responsible.

2.3 Server abuse:

All attempts to penetrate an UN COIN DE PARADIS server are strictly forbidden. All violations are forbidden and may lead to criminal prosecution and/or civil proceedings.

2.4 Illicit use:

UN COIN DE PARADIS servers may only be used for legitimate purposes. The transmission, storage and distribution of any information, data, or material in breach of any applicable law or regulation is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to: copyright provisions; registered trademarks; trade secrets or other intellectual property rights used without proper authorisation; content that is obscene, defamatory, constitutes an unlawful menace or breaches import and/or export laws or regulations. Examples of unacceptable content or links include: pirated software, programmes or files;  parking of Warez, bots, pirated MP3s, and IRC.

UN COIN DE PARADIS disclaims all liability for difficulties in accessing the website or its momentary inaccessibility due to disturbances in the telecommunication network; the CLIENT acknowledges awareness of the constraints and complexity of worldwide networks, and of heavy Internet traffic at certain times.