Endodontic root canal sealer with MTA

MTA Bioseal is an endodontic root canal sealer based on Mineral Trioxide Aggregate. It is a double paste component that allows complete filling of all root canals including accessory and lateral ones.

  • Homogeneous penetration of MTA in tubulis
  • Prevention of the proliferation of bacteria
  • Perfect sealing
  • Fast and durable protective action
  • Decreased working time
  • Easy insertion into the canal
  • Easy withdrawal when needed
  • Do not discolour teeth
  • Compatibility with MTA Biorep (repairing bioceramic MTA cement)

More on the product

Product referenceQuantity
MTA-BSEAL4g MTA cement syringe + 10 mixing tips + 1 mixing pad

MTA BIOSEAL contains 13% of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate.

Use MTA Bioseal in complement with MTA Biorep to ensure your endodontics repairs.

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