Flexible plastic tip for periodontal use

Plastic tip for periodontal use with two lateral openings

  • Flexible and a-traumatic tip
  • Diameter is same as periodontal probes: 0.40mm
  • Easy access to the gingival pockets, even at the beginning of inflammation
  • Respect of epithelial attachment during insertion
  • Two lateral openings for a better diffusion
  • Less liquid pressure in gingival pockets thanks to the two lateral openings
  • Full cleaning of the gingival sulci without damaging tissue
  • The tip fits the gingival surface and its irregularities
  • Liquid and gel compatible to cover the full periodontal case
  • Luer-Lock compatible

More on the product

Product ReferenceProduct
PLTIP-2525 Plas'tip tips
  • Diameter of 0.4 mm
  • Two lateral openings
  • Length of 23 mm
  • 27G