2-step self-etching bonding system

Made from an acidic water based self-etching primer and a light-cured adhesive

For bonding of all filling materials, dual core builds up, compomers, resin cements, crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays.


  • Delivers high bonding values to both dentine and enamel
  • Dissolves the smear layer, penetrating the tubules and peritubular dentine, forming resin tags
  • If applied to enamel, the Primer produces a significant pattern with an enhanced surface area, leading to improved enamel bonding
  • No post-operative sensitivity Can be used with the Itena Bond Activator, to make the bonding agent self-curing.
  • Ideal for areas which are unreachable with an LED curing unit

More on the product

Product ReferencePackaging
DBQAB-101 Bonding bottle
DBQAK1 bottle of Prime "A" (10 ml) + 1 Bonb "B" bottle (10 ml) + 2 x 50 micro-applicators
DBQAP-101 Primer bottle
QUICKBOND - Protocol